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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

There is only one like you!! But we come to this plane with certain qualities that are connected to “The elements”

Our temperament, provides us with “The kind of energy” we will manifest while in Earth.

Temperament is connected to an element, knowing what you have in you, can help you understand better how to harness that energy you own.


Exist in all matter and in the way we interact with life itself.

Knowing oneself, the elements present, and how to keep the balance is key for Sexy Wellness, energy must be free to circulate through our system.

I found a marvelous article written by Roberto Corona, that provides insight on the subject:

what is temperament?

We can think of it as a basic personality type that is able to connect the psyche to the body. In fact, humors affect not only the physical body but also the ancestral part of the psyche—the part connected to our basal instincts—through hormones and other psychosomatic mechanisms. In other words, it is the foundation of the personality on which everything else is built. In this way, a dominant temperament is determined.

We can say that every person has a dominant temperament and a possible secondary temperament. Reading this list you are probably going to easily recognize yours:


It’s the temperament produced by yellow bile, related to the fire element. Choleric people are strong, fiery, proud, prone to anger, easily provoked, stubborn, cocky, reactive, loyal, and generous; they always speak their minds, they are natural leaders, and they want things to go their way.


It’s the temperament produced by the blood, related to the air element. Sanguine people are lively, funny, sociable, talkative, always smiling, carefree, fickle, and prone to laugh, joke and gossip. They get bored easily, so they are always looking for new ideas and stimuli.


It’s the temperament produced by phlegm, related to the water element. Phlegmatic people are good-hearted, calm, compassionate, sensitive, emotional, patient, silent, good listeners, and lazy; they love to stay in their comfort zone, enjoying good food and company; they are creatures of habit.


It’s the temperament produced by black bile, related to the earth element. Melancholic people are serious, responsible, pessimistic, realistic, negative, cautious, reliable, efficient, and steady. They are easily discouraged and they tend to be conservative.


Problems come when we’ve got too much, or too little, of an element. The point is that you can’t have too much fire without having too little water, and you can’t have too much air without having too little earth (and vice versa). This is because opposite elements naturally balance each other.

Getting to know what you have, is key to use that energy to create.

As an artist, for example it can define a style.

Putting myself as an example:

My main temperament is AIR-CHOLERIC and I am happy to see how my photography reflects that part of me: Defining a personal style, you can see in my art: Movement, Inspiration, Passion, Sexiness, Pushing others for transformation.

I remember back in the days I will shoot way more wide angles, showing big places, big emotions, and high energy!

I wanted to balance myself, I started to focus on details, on close ups more on feelings, on “Staying with my subject and observing in detail, vs shooting fast on go to the next”.

I found a unique style, by being authentic, I have never copied any other artist, I was too proud for that, my need to self-express was sheltered for so long, that helped me to stay true to my vision, and I “saw” I could be better, by training my self in the other elements, also present in me, and that needed to be more practiced and experienced.

That is how one finds a personal style and keeps expanding it.

A MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP with examples and homework coming soon!!

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