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What is what I do?

Help humans realign with who and what they are.

Re-ignite the inner light, the inner fire, the erotic energy.

Eroticism is the most powerful energy that we can access, and comprehends, and it goes beyond sexuality.


If your channels are blocked you can’t experience all that you could.




Energy. We are energy. I am gifted with the ability to “See” beyond the external. My personal quest, and 10 years studying psychology and other therapeutic techniques and Arts allow me to offer a blend of therapeutic journeys to help you open your energy channels.


In body and soul


  • Find back  your inner spark

  • As individual

  • As a couple




The source of many illnesses and disconnection to life,  is disbalance energetically in body and soul. We repress, suppress, and hold into emotions.

Energy runs in our bodies via channels that get closed out for trauma.


Releasing those blockages brings back balance.


Those blocks “Must find a way out”


ART as a tool


Art is the most sublime way to change your story

Trauma can be reframed

Psychomagic is a powerful tool

My first real encounter with healing trauma came with Psychocorporal therapy.


For the past 13 years, I worked as a patient and student healing my own wounds and finding new ways to help others.


Express to heal


The body is so wise, the mind must change the path, and the spirit will be there for you to realign all your parts.

























We are a combination of a human body with spirit. 

There are three important places where humans get and process information.


The Human as a tree of Life


  • The Roots - Lower self - The instinctual part -

  • The roots to your ancestors 

  • Your DNA

  • Your Earth

  • Your body functions 

  • “The most animal part” 

  • Connected to your temperament

  • Connected to what you are since you are born

  • This part of you doesn’t change


Commonly we are trained since little kids to use our minds to override our impulses. 

Especially sexual energy has been repressed 

Emotions get shut down

And energy gets blocked 


  • The trunk -  Middle Self - The Mind

This is what differentiates humans from animals, we analyze, we judge, we name things, we call right or wrong, and our mind is trained to receive the impulses from the root and to choose what to do with them.


That becomes the “Life operating system” Which is the collection of rights and wrongs that you have installed in your brain.


Who is your judge?  YOU ARE 


Are you sure your rules and regulations serve you?


Could you consider an upgrade to your operating system?


  • The branches - The Higher Self - Connection to Spirit

 In the name of science, many humans prefer to live in the mind zone and have closed their connection to the higher realm. 

Trust, and faith, are so important in the overall well-being of our existence.

Energy must have an open path, from roots to your crown. 

You must open to spirit.




  • ALL sessions are Psychologically and holistically guided.

  • I aim for YOU to find your answers

  • We work with the three cauldrons: Roots, Mind, Spirt and find what is not aligned in each to correct the whole “FLOW”




  • Changing your operative system. Your beliefs. We go to the mind, we talk about your life issues, your relation to your own right to pleasure, and set your own rules for the kind of life experience you wish to have.


  • We “Find” your energy blueprint - How the Elements “AIR - FIRE - WATER - EARTH” are balanced or not in your way of living

  • How do we find the elements in you? - Questionaries, exercises, looking for your temperament. 


  • Sessions are therapeutic we talk, we move, and we combine Arts to open your mind to new perspectives, finding solutions and alternatives to help you find a  way out of the place where you might be stuck.



“The most animal part” of ourselves is so hurt.

Our body keeps us alive

Our body is the only way to access the spirit

Are you ready to listen?


By shutting down emotions, we alone have blocked the energy channels.

Trauma has been stored in your organs, and tissues, and got into your everyday behavior.

Everything is connected, if you haven’t listened to your body and your mind is the ruler, chances are you are not experiencing pleasure and joy, and wellness to the best of your capacity.




  • BODYWORK - Carl Jung one of the most famous psychoanalysts said: “Many times, the HANDS will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled in vain with”  

  • I use my hands, to directly work with the body.  Touch. There is so much nurturing energy in our hands, and the result is felt instantly. Can you open it? Are you afraid? What is the body saying? 

  • The session is 1.5 hrs on a massage table. I touch your whole geography including the pelvic area. 

  • You could have a hard-on or not,  there are no expectations we are looking at the body as a perfect system with organic responses. All is welcome, hard, soft, ejaculation or not. The goal is to feel,  listen, and nurture the body.


  • We talk before the session so your mind can be at peace

  • We set limits and expectations

  • We vent the fears

  • You choose the level of “spice” (yes or not yet touch your sex organs)

  • I choose the right to service or not, as this is a very intimate session I request a 100% clean body and intentions.  

  • I touch with my hands, and arms, and depending on the level and client, I use other parts of me previously discussed with the client. Nothing is a surprise, all is talked about and agreed upon “before the session”

  • This is not sex. There is no intercourse

  • You can’t touch me, This is a session for you to connect with your own body and I am here to guide that journey.

  • This can be a couples session where one is on the table and the other partner with me, learning new ways to touch the lover’s body

  • This can be a couples session where they receive the massage simultaneously I work with a male therapist I trust.

  • I do men only and couples.

  • This can be at my studio, in nature, on a resort, a private home

  • If the session is at a different location than my  Sexy Wellness studio, a male assistant goes and installs the beds, and comes to retrieve them later. He is ready to assist me in case of need.

  • This can be part of the “In nature Sexperience” 




Open the channel, the crown chakra, the top of your head. 


Living out of the Mind has caused many humans to choose to close up for anything that can’t be explained with logic and reason.


That is limiting

We are beyond this body


Opening that part of yourself is a must.



  • In nature - I work with you in ritual work

  • Exercise your ability to feel and listen to your intuition

  • Tarot cards as a psychological tool to “see then interpret with the mind and connect those two worlds.

  • TEMAZCAL ritual




Temazcal is an ancestral practice that takes the human into a small iglu-like kind of space, resembling going into the mothers  womb. 

The ritual is hot. Volcanic stones previously heated for hours in ritual fire are introduced into the temazcal where the medicine woman or shaman, pours water that has been specially prepared with specific herbs and flowers to help who is going inside. The temazcal gets full of that vapor, the guide keeps pouring a whole bucket of water for each direction.


There is one entrance that opens and closes Four times. For the four directions. Each direction works with specific energy and pledges.


This is a profound transformative ritual that purifies body and mind.


Spiritually guided.


Lasts around 3 hrs. 


Can be done as part of a group of requested privately.



Outdoors help open, the mind, the heart, and the body. 

We go to nature and work the body in water, in earth the mind with Psicomagic to get rid of trauma trapped.

We experience the elements and the relation of each one with our inner nature.


Sessions are uniquely tailored for the client, I design a unique adventure that blends psychomagic, movement, sound healing, ritual, and Fine Art Photo and Video.




This is Art and Energy technique to heal, body and soul, designed by the master Alejandro Jodorowsky. Psychomagic” is an approach to self-change that teaches you how to use the power of your imagination, creativity, symbolism, and rituals to transform yourself.


I design a ritual, we go to nature and “Do stuff”

This is dramatic








Is a ceremony, we choose symbols, words, places, and persons and create a theatrical scene. 

We open channels of communication with the spiritual world. Using copal, using special words, and symbols.

This is not religious, but spiritual.

I was born with this talent. 

I take you there or can choose to hire a shaman to guide you and me to take the Fine Art photo and videos.


You get to “rewrite” your trauma, and the art will serve to remind you what was experienced, and the result of your affirmations.


No words can describe what you will experience. 




For sessions in nature, the minimum is 3 hours. I recommend half a day in a private location where you can feel safe to express and do whatever must be done to “clear your energy paths” 




NO. I have experienced enough Ayahuasca and other plant medicines to understand there is another way. 

My sessions don’t include any plant medicine to be ingested.




Fine Art photography is a mastery to me.

It will show you your beauty

Boosts self-confidence

Tells the story


After the session, you will receive the “Visual Poetry” to remind you what must be reminded of.


  • You are unique

  • Worthy

  • Good looking

  • A human on Planet Earth

  • Connected to Nature


The video reel will tell the story you must re-live.


The human system needs patience, to change. How many years have you been living in a way that steals your energy away?




We are all different and will depend on:


What is your temper? Air - Fire - Water - Earth

How fast can you change your mind? Get rid of current belief systems.

How fast can you install new ways to think?

New ways to LIVE?


It is up to you


Visual reminders will help you. That is why photos and videos are always a part of the experiences.


Come back often.

Keep the inner work.


























  • Yes, you can have sex. That is the purpose, to provide you with the space, the amenities, the comfort, the art, the privacy, and the protection to enjoy connecting and making LOVE outdoors.


WHERE does this session happen?


  • Private beach

  • Private cenote


Working at very special places I have made alliances with them. Making sure your space will be sacred and all the necessary amenities placed for your pleasure.






Equilibrium. Become better humans accessing all their energy. Learn techniques to become better lovers.


Men have been trained to be strong, to win competitions, to have, to earn material things, to be fast, furious and to own women.


I am here to provide a place and experiences for men to connect sex and heart.


For the man that is looking for ways to express his masculinity with love and a new way to relate to women. 




My energy is Yang. My mind is brilliant, I will show them adventure, challenge, and body sensations.

I know what women need. 


My name is Sol : Sun has masculine qualities, I was born a woman.


I was born with the talent to go in both directions and understand them. I am a strong leader, practical mentor, and savvy creator.


Making myself available as the perfect link between both Yin&Yang - Active and Receptive -Electric and Magnetic: Men and Women


I use my sensuality, and  feminine qualities to show men “The other side of energy that they are not very familiar with.


In the Bodywork, I show them 1-1 directly in the body what is the feeling when going slow, the places that can be reached with love, time, connection, and intention.


In the psychological work, I provide therapeutic and creative techniques to become better lovers for their spouses or companions.




The sessions boost self confidence and spark intuition. Women must recover self worth. Beauty, flow, creativity, and nurturing activities bring the vibration high.

The sessions are a blend of Fine Art Photography with Tarot Cards, and ritual work to celebrate feminine energy in body and soul.

Elevate Sensuality.




Yes, I tailor individual and group experiences.

When Is a group there are more Art Therapists and Healers included in the program.























Signing a contract will protect your privacy and my practice.

50% deposit via wire transfer to USA account 

50% remaining on the day of the service in cash


Art - Photo and Video will be sent electronically.


You can’t have anyone else present during our time together unless previously agreed upon.


There is no refund but you have 1 change of date with a 15% fee.


I am located in Playa del Carmen Mexico and travel the world.

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