I am here to take you on a journey, you choose the level of spice and the services.


Photography is my main tool, so the journeys are photo sessions that go above the ordinary.

Awakening Juan Antonio_P_ST_0862 (1).JPG

We are seeking to

empower your soul,

to rekindle your inner fire,

to make

your star Shine.


All those things, energies, are

“within YOU”


My methods are

powerful, sexy and fun!

I am here as your allie,

to help you get out of any closet

you true self, might be hiding.


We will explore your inner world, and I will photograph your external appearance, the combination of these works, sometimes with the collaboration of other artists, will bring out 

A magnificent set of portraits that will be the visual reminder of ALL the treasures found in you.

  • The session is a sensual combination of Art and Energy moving.

    3 hr

    Price starts 1800USD
  • Aprodisiac Photo Theraphy session LIFT THAT ENERGY UP!!

    6 hr

    Price starts 3000USD
  • Sol to be your companion, during the selected day to EXPLORE YOU.

    12 hr

    Price starts 5500USD