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Sol Tamargo has two offerings for couples willing to take

their relationship to a new level of appreciation and eroticism.


Session enhances:


Visual appreciation

Healing Touch


Using Art and Energy as tools, I' prepared these Experiences

to show you how you can bring back the desire in your love relationship.


- Requires Intention, and Learning about each other.

Choose or book on separate days:



One partner on the massage table, the other next to Sol, learning and discovering new ways to touch your lover.


  • Immediately awaken eroticism

  • Learn something new

  • Open communication channels

  • Enjoy the process

  • Get the Fine Art Visuals as aphrodisiac forever

  • 2 HR

Starts with therapeutic conversation about what is going to happen, set limits, express the fears and after agreeing in the limits,  the first partner on the massage table while the other joins Sol in the massage session, after 45 mins, switch places. OR you can choose for one to give and the other to receive.

PRICE: 1,200 USD


Change the way you look at your partner this is Fine Art and energy at play.  


  • Sol trained eye for beauty and light will guide you into finding new ways to look.

  • Use a mobile device and learn to use light so you keep practicing at home and your erotic gallery keeps growing.

  • Sol will use a professional camera and lighting to deliver incredible photographs of the session.

2 hr session

PRICE: 1,800 USD

Lovers will learn from Sol’s vision how to ask for, and create sensual portraits of the other.

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